Volunteer Roles

We need many volunteers each year to successfully run our operations. Some of the positions are ongoing but most are for short periods of time.

Course Support

To minimise the hassle and maximise the performance of our course leaders and make each of our course sessions as enjoyable as possible for attendees, we need a number of volunteers to assist each course leader each session. The number varies depending on class size and venue. But in general, the positions we need your help for are:

  • Course Assistant to the Course Leader
  • Room set up

Our Course Support Coordinator and our Equipment and Technology Coordinator (both Committee members) coordinate the recruitment and activities of our course support and technical support volunteers respectively. In each term we need over 100 members to volunteer for course support. So, when our Committee members contact you, please promptly offer to help when you can. 

Download the Course Support Guide for more detailed descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of course support volunteers. 

Download the Course Leader Technical Support Guide for more detailed descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of volunteers who provide computer and audio/video technical support for course leaders. 

Administrative and Operational Support

We often need volunteers to assist in a variety of activities including:

  • Organising, catering and supporting events such as our Annual General Meeting
  • Assisting Management Committee members in fulfilling their duties, e.g. helping the Treasurer with processing and depositing cheque payments from members
  • Managing and updating content on our website
  • Administering our membership administration system
  • Contributing to our newsletter
  • Taking photographs

If you have an interest in helping in any activities such as these please contact our Course Support Coordinator at  . We welcome your involvement.

Management Committee

Each year we seek nominations for positions on the Management Committee. If you would like to help manage and administer the operations of our organisation, we welcome you to volunteer for the Committee. Our Committee plays an important role in making sure our members continue to receive maximum benefit from our Association. 

Please speak to any of our Committee members for more information about how the Management Committee works. And please contact our president at  to register your interest in joining the Committee. You can download a Committee Nomination Form which will require two members to nominate you to the Committee.