Current Courses

The courses and activities (courses) offered at our U3A are run each school term.

You can browse and view the available courses online in our U-MAS membership administration system.

You can use filters to select the timespan (e.g. the upcoming school term), select categories of courses that interest you, and exclude courses that are full or closed. You can also sort the courses in several different ways, e.g. by day of the week and course name, or even by course leader. 

You can click on the HELP button on the top right corner of the Courses screen in U-MAS to obtain instructions on how to use the system.

Scroll through the filtered lists to find courses that are of interest to you. You can click on the name of any course to view its details.

Example 1

You will see a screen like the following example but showing the actual courses for the current term by day of the week. 

Example 2

The details of a course can be seen by clicking on the name of the course. The following example shows the result of clicking on the course Cinema on Monday:

Click here to browse our course offerings in U-MAS.