Course Leaders

Course Leaders are Vital

Without course leaders there would be no U3A. All our course leaders volunteer their skills and time. If you have a skill or passion that you would like to share, please consider offering a class.

Have a look at the range of classes that are currently on offer. Some of our classes have waiting lists. You might like to offer an additional or similar class to one currently on offer, or you might like to offer something altogether different.

For most courses, there are no qualifications required. All you need is a willingness to share your interests and passions with others.

Course Administration

Administrative and setup activities are performed on your behalf by volunteers recruited by our Course Support Coordinator so room setup, attendance taking, cash handling, and tea breaks are all handled for you. All enrolments are handled by our on-line membership administration system. 

To further help you in conducting a course, if needed our Equipment and Technology Coordinator will assign a skilled and experienced technical support specialist to assist you in setting up and operating computer, audio and visual equipment. Our specialists have experience working with the specific equipment at the different venues we use.

In It Together 

Our Course Coordinators work with you from concept stage through development of your course. Other course leaders experienced with our U3A equipment and facilities are available to offer advice and assistance from embedding videos in a PowerPoint presentation to discussing presentation techniques that have worked for them.

A course leaders luncheon meeting is usually held once a year. This is an opportunity to discuss issues with other course leaders, the Course Coordinators and members of the Management Committee. It also provides a chance for the Committee to show appreciation for your efforts and to celebrate your successes. 

Get Started

Have a read of our Course Leaders’ Handbook (14 February 2024) which provides comprehensive information on how to plan for, prepare and conduct a course. 

Once you have decided that you would like to present a course, download a New Course Proposal Form and contact the Course Coordinator at  to discuss your proposal as early as possible as we plan terms 2-3 months in advance. 

Once confirmed as a course leader, you will be given access to the course leader link to the administrative component of our online membership administration system which will allow you to track your course enrolments, contact class members by email and print class lists and attendance sheets. The system will automatically notify you of member enrolments.

Using the Online System

As a member, you already have access to the members-only component of our online membership administration system. It is called U-MAS and is used by members to join or renew their memberships, maintain their personal details on file, enrol in courses and pay membership and course fees.

The administrative component of our online membership administration system is available only for course leaders and Management Committee members and their delegates to perform administrative functions necessary to run our operations.

Please refer to the UMAS Membership System Guide for Course Leaders (1 Nov 2023) for instructions on how to use the system to:

  • Create enrolment reports
  • Create attendance sheets
  • Send emails to your course enrolees

Reporting Incidents/Accidents

Refer to the Health and Safety Policy for instructions on how to manage and report an accident or incident in your class.

Fill out the Incident/Accident Form and mail it to Secretary, U3A Southern Highlands, P.O. Box 421, BOWRAL  NSW 2576.

Be sure to take a copy of the Incident/Accident Form to each of your sessions.